Who We Are

From the Heart Christian School is a ministry of From the Heart Church Ministries®. The administration and staff of the From the Heart Christian School (FTHCS) are honored that you are interested in our working with you in training your child to perfect himself/herself for service in the Kingdom of God.  Our sole purpose for ministry is to develop the spiritual, academic, and social gifts that have been deposited in your child.  We appreciate the confidence that you have in our educational program. The Bible directs us that when two walk together, they must be in agreement so that harmony and unity prevail (Amos 3:3). In order for the From the Heart Christian School’s programs and policies to accomplish good success, the support of the parents is vital.  To that end, our handbook explains our philosophy, our standards, our commitment to your children and our expectations of you and your children.

Our Philosophy

The primary purpose of From the Heart Christian School is to train up a generation of children untainted by and kept from the evil of the world’s system according to Jesus’ prayer in John 17. The primary objective and purpose of our school is to provide a solid academic education within the framework of Christian principles taught in the Holy Scriptures. From the Heart Christian School is designed for a child to have a preschool or kindergarten to high school graduation experience. We accept the charge to train up a generation of children who know who they are from God’s perspective, to accept who they are, to develop themselves, and to give of themselves. This knowledge must not be compromised by the world’s system. It is our intent that each child is brought to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Seven Spiritual Principles of God© which guide From the Heart Church Ministries, Inc. are taught through Bible study as well as through inclusion in every academic subject. To reverence God and Jesus Christ, His Son, to desire to please Him through obedience to His Word, and to purpose to make choices which glorify Him are the attitudes that we desire in each of our students. FTHCS is a private institution, governed by the Board of Education. Although we recognize that we complement the instruction and experiences in the home, we are not a parent-controlled school. The policies instituted in the school are delegated and/or approved by the Board of Education. It is understood that attendance at FTHCS is a privilege and not a right, this privilege may be forfeited by any student or parent who does not conform to the standards and regulations of the institution. FTHCS may request the withdrawal of any student at any time, who, in the opinion of the school, does not fit into the spirit of the institution.

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Two-Hour Delayed Opening

Today, Thursday December 15th the school will operate on a two-hour delayed schedule. Students may begin reporting to school at 9:40 a.m.