Our school curriculum is designed to provide school subject matters and a course of study for our students, appropriate to their grade or class level. 

Challenging Students

The FTHCS curriculum is intended to challenge students academically, encouraging their growth and development while incorporating Bible-based coursework for every grade level. FTHCS is a non-public institution which has the Word of God as its spiritual foundation, the Maryland College and Career Ready State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards as our academic grounding.  At all grade levels, instruction integrates Biblical and spiritual principles taught by our ministry.  Students are also equipped with the academic tools necessary to compete in any educational venue.

FTHCS curriculum meets and exceeds state standards, preparing our students for college and career readiness.

Upper School curriculum is uniquely designed to assist students in seeing societal issues and solutions from God’s perspective.

FTHCS curriculum includes Bible, math, reading/language arts, science, physical education, social studies, fine arts, health, world languages, technology education and electives.

FTHCS curriculum is designed to successfully advance students through the grade levels, providing them with the necessary educational and spiritual knowledge for their personal enrichment and development.

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Inclement Weather

Two-Hour Delayed Opening

Today, Thursday December 15th the school will operate on a two-hour delayed schedule. Students may begin reporting to school at 9:40 a.m.