Student Leadership Programs


Students of the Month are selected by their teachers based on demonstrating excellent character and a strong work ethic. 


Hayden Garcia


Cairo Felix


Derick Hungerford, II


Steven Battle Jr.

1st Grade

Dominic Fabiyi

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

Arrington Fabiyi

4th Grade

Solomon Covert

5th Grade

Madison Moss

6th Grade

Chloe Chase

7th Grade

Olivia Canty

8th Grade

Angelica Jackson

9th Grade

Jaelynn James

10th Grade

Ayodamope Akinyemi

11th Grade

Grace Adeboyejo

12th Grade


A cadre of leaders pursuing excellence in Character Scholarship Leadership Service

A cadre of leaders pursuing excellence in character, scholarship, leadership, and service.  Annually students pledge personal excellence “to God first, to parents and teachers, and to students young and old.”  Honor Society members follow the excellency of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Students commit their hearts to obedience, their minds to diligent study, and their hands to good works throughout the school and their local community.   


Madame President

Madame President

Vice President

Vice President

Student Leaders

Student Leaders

HS and MS Student Officers

HS and MS Student Officers

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a student-run organization that represents the student body designed to foster leadership skills, encourage school spirit, and democratic principles. SGA leads by example in academics, extracurricular activities, community service, school spirit, school events, and student-teacher-administration relationships.  SGA serves as a conduit to provide an effective enjoyable school environment to encourage positive change in the student body.

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